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Music Video By Hugo Sentinelli. It's not artificial intelligence or special effects. What you are seeing was 100% captured on camera. A detailed work that combines dynamic lighting with projections. Translating into an unusual, hypnotic and immersive visual experience. A sensorial suggestion that seeks to emphasize the meaning of the music's message and promises to remain echoing in the viewer's mind for a long time. Portuguese: Não é inteligência artificial nem efeitos especiais. O que você está vendo foi 100% capturado na câmera. Um trabalho minucioso que combina iluminação dinâmica com projeções. Traduzindo em uma experiência visual incomum, hipnótica e imersiva. Uma sugestão sensorial que busca enfatizar o significado da mensagem da música e promete permanecer por muito tempo ecoando na mente do espectador. A letra fala sobre grupos que se julgam melhores do que outros. Seja por questões sociais, econômicas, morais ou religiosas. Deixam um rastro de destruição e morte, seja por ações diretas ou por negligência. Pensam ser heróis, mas agem como violões. LETRA Como ostentar alegria plena Neste mundo desolado? E o oprimido é um problema Para ser eliminado Salvação individual Quem é bom condena quem é mau Santidade Sócio-cultural Culto à morte, juízo final Qual a virtude da Sã doutrina Se não sacia os miseráveis E a escassez gera liturgia Fanatismo e iniquidade Letra e Música: Hugo Sentinelli Produção Musical: Hugo Sentinelli Arranjo de Baixo: Anderson Borges / Bene Maldonado Guitarras: Bene Maldonado MIX & Master: Bene Maldonado Vídeo: Hugo Sentinelli Director/DoP: Hugo Sentinelli Camera assistant: Angus Chan / Lila Rios Gaffer: Nika Szaj Gravel / Fadi Dalloul Grip: Stuart Stuart Foster Website: Spotify: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Apple Music | 2023

David's Moment
Short Film by Hugo Sentinelli


Short film created with the aim of visually expressing elements of the character's personality.

After dreaming about his entire life, Joseph wakes up in an empty place. Where he meets Angeline, a friendly being who tries to guide him on an inner journey. However, instead of unveiling the essence of life, he is confronted with his own weaknesses.

The film portrays the comical essence of existence, where the finiteness of life is highlighted in a humorous way, juxtaposing the inherent gravity of this subject.

It challenges preconceived notions about what lies beyond, presenting a refreshing and unexpected perspective.

It's not artificial intelligence nor VFX. What you are seeing was 100% captured on camera. A thorough work that combines dynamic lighting with projections. With an innovative visual approach, it transforms the artist's face into a true projection screen, creating intriguing patterns with light and shadow that blend with the artist's expressive lines and energetic performance. Translating into an unusual, hypnotic and immersive visual experience. A sensory input that seeks to emphasize the meaning of the message of music and promises to remain for a long time echoing in the viewer's mind. (English subtitles available!)

All Cinematography by Hugo Sentinelli, including framing, lighting, set design and camera operation. 


An opening scene that may look simple, but is the result of complex idea that combines a time lapse from day to night, with pre-planned framing that plays with focus overlapping lights and reflections in harmony with the rule of thirds.


Imagine your cellphone becoming a gateway to the future, and you start receiving mysterious calls from your future self, providing guidance for what lies ahead. This provocative premise forms the core of this ultra-short film crafted by me during my Digital Film Production classes at George Brown College.

The task presented a twofold challenge: to devise a captivating concept that could also be executed individually. From its inception to the filming, editing, and post-production stages, every aspect was handled single-handedly.


Hugo Sentinelli
DoP for Jessie's Short Film

Cinematography by Hugo Sentinelli. Translating director Jessie Ma's desire into images. Including framing, camera movement, long shots, use of reflections and points of view

Sound design created by Hugo Sentinelli. All sound was created from a previously saved sound library in order to improve immersion in the story and provoke empathy with the character's feeling.

Music created from violin loops, as requested by director Molly Biggs.

In this version the lines and sounds recorded on location have not yet been added to the track. All sound was developed from the muted video. It serves only as a showcase for the sound creation work.

Check out the final version of the film at the link:




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